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AChS-1 Ver.4.2

The special AChS-1 watch is a legend of Russian aviation. For decades, these timepieces have been installed on almost every kind of Russian aircraft and helicopters, including the following: Tu-95MS, Tu-22M3, Tu-160, Il-76, Su-24, Mi-171, Mi-8, Ansat, Mi-38, Mi-28, Ka-52. The AChS combines an ultra-reliable design, resistance to pressure from severe G-forces and fluctuating temperatures, convenient ergonomic engineering and a reputation built on many years of smooth operation without any hitches, in both peaceful skies and in real military operations.
Based on the appearance and functionality of the Russian aviation chronometer, the wristwatch model has been designed especially for professional pilots and aeronautics enthusiasts. The original watch case, the convenient component controls for all the watch's functions, and a large winding crown allow you to use the watch without having to take off your gloves. The easy-to-read luminous dial and hands means you do not have to strain to read the watch no matter how dark it is around. There are two watch case designs available: polished steel or with a durable black ion coating.

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