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Green Ray

A watch for men who are passionate about ships and the sea. This watch was designed in creative partnership with St. Petersburg's shipbuilders, and combines the best elements of the Russia's twentieth-century marine chronometer wristwatch models. The watch features the legendary 3603 shock-resistant caliber, which is resistant to impact and intensive operational shocks. The model's name is significant. Green rays are meteorological optical phenomena which occur in the few seconds following sunset or just seconds before sunrise, when the sun's rays are reflected from the surface of the sea at a special angle. It is extremely rare to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon, which can only be observed when the air is very clear. The flash lasts several seconds.People used to believe that the green ray was a symbol of hope and good luck, and a pleasant voyage was said to await any sailor who saw it. We give additional 1 year warranty to all the customers ordering in our online store. You get a final 2 year warranty.
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