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Online store, under the domain name, Molnija Time LLC, legal address: 25 Ulitsa Tsvillinga, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russian Federation, 454091, legally represented by Director Alexander Medvedev, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, publishes a Public Offer for the distance sale of Goods.


1.1. This Public Offer (the “Offer”) is a public offer the Seller addresses to an indefinite number of persons, inviting them to enter into an agreement with the Seller for distance sales of goods (the “Agreement”), subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Offer, including all Annexes.

1.2. The Order of Goods on the online store involves the Buyer specifying items from the range of Goods offered for sale, when making an application to purchase Goods on the online store’s website or through an Operator.


2.1. The Seller agrees and undertakes to transfer the Goods into the Buyer’s ownership in keeping with the order the Buyer placed through the online store, under the domain name, from the correct product line and in the quantity specified in the Buyer’s order, in compliance with the terms that the parties have agreed to, and the Buyer agrees and undertakes to accept the Goods and pay according to the amount and process established in the agreement.

2.2. The Goods sold to the Buyer are modelled on the sample in accordance with the description offered by the Seller for the Buyer to read about the Goods in the online store, under the domain name (the “Website”).


3.1. The unit price for Goods shall be determined by the Seller and displayed on the website.

3.2. The quantity of Goods and the total amount written into the Agreement shall be determined based on the order made by the Buyer.

3.3. The quality of the Goods must meet the requirements specified in the certificates of conformance or in other documents which define the quality of the Goods.

3.4. The Buyer has no more than 7 days after the Goods arrive to check the quality of Goods, whether or not they are complete, and also check packaging (plastic containers) in accordance with the established procedure.


4.1. The Supplier must:

4.1.1. Transfer Goods of adequate quality and in the proper packaging to the Buyer in the manner and within the terms established herein, in accordance with the sample (paragraph 1.2. of the agreement).

4.1.2. Directly transfer the Goods to the Buyer free from any rights of third parties.

4.2. The Buyer must:

4.2.1. Pay for the procured Goods.

4.2.2. Accept the Goods according to the procedure and within the terms established by the agreement.


5.1. The Buyer shall make payments by a bank transfer of funds to credit the account of the Seller using a debit or credit card on the online store, or via payment systems with digital currency: Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI.

5.2. The buyer must make the full payment (100% prepayment) for the Goods.

5.3. Orders which are not paid within 10 working days shall be cancelled.

5.4. Goods may only be paid for in roubles.

5.5. The Buyer shall cover the delivery costs for Goods based on the terms agreed by the Parties. For orders which exceed 10,000 RUB, the Seller shall cover the delivery costs for the Goods (excluding the delivery of table clocks and any additionally negotiated delivery costs agreed after the order has already been made).


6.1. Delivery of Goods is carried out in compliance with an agreement made between the parties, where either the Buyer collects the Goods from the Supplier’s warehouse, or the Goods are delivered by the courier service CDEK to the address specified in the Buyer’s order.

6.2. The buyer to whom the goods have been delivered should examine them, check if the quality and quantity of the Goods match the description and fulfil the other terms of this Agreement, and accept the Goods.

6.3. The Supplier’s obligations to deliver the Goods shall be deemed fulfilled upon receipt of the Goods by the Buyer.

6.4. The Buyer has the right to reject the Goods before they have been delivered or within seven days after they have been received. Goods may be returned if their marketable appearance, consumer properties, the full set of all its components, and original packing have all been preserved, as well as the document confirming the purchase of the specified goods and their terms and conditions.


7.1. Should the terms of this Agreement be breached, the Parties thereto shall be liable under this Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


8.1. The parties shall not be held liable for failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement in circumstance beyond the control of the parties, which are defined as: natural disasters, riots, government bans imposed and other force majeure.

8.2. Should a party fail to fulfil its obligation due to force majeure, it must immediately notify the other Party of the impediment and its impact on the performance of the obligations under the Agreement, and must submit the relevant document to the relevant government authority.


9.1. All disputes between the Parties to this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations.

9.2. If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be resolved in court in the place where the defendant is domiciled.


10.1. This Agreement shall come into effect on the date it is signed and shall remain in effect until the obligations of the signatories are fully performed under the Agreement

10.2. The Agreement may be terminated prematurely upon mutual agreement between the Parties or after 15 (Fifteen) calendar days from the date when one of the Parties receives a notification from the other Party on the termination of the Agreement, provided that the Parties have fully performed their obligations under this Agreement.


11.1. All other matters not dealt with by the terms of the present Agreement shall be guided by the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.2. This Agreement has two copies of equal legal force, one copy for each of the Parties hereto.

11.3. Any amendments or supplements made to this Agreement shall be valid provided that they are made in writing and signed by the Parties or by their legally authorized representatives.



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