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Russian watch manufacturer Molnija, founded in 1947, brings together and integrates the best innovations in Russian watchmaking today. The company’s mission is to produce high-precision timepieces and movements. Molnija watches are synonymous with reliability, accuracy and an impeccable reputation. Molnija chronographs, designed for aeronautics, can withstand extreme temperatures and shocks, and have unfailingly served the Russian aircraft industry for decades.

The history of Molnija’s watch factory and its watches can be traced back to the history of the American factory for the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company and the history of Moscow’s first watch factory.

In 1929, the Soviet trade mission to America – the Amtorg Trading Corporation – acquired two bankrupt watch factories: the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company in Canton, Ohio, which produced pocket watches and wrist watches as well as the Ansonia Clock Company in New York, which used to produce alarm clocks and wall clocks. These two companies laid the groundwork for the Soviet Union’s First State Watch Factory in Moscow and the Slava Factory (Moscow’s Second Watch Factory) of the Trust for Precision Engineering, which were already up and running by 1930-1931, manufacturing the first Soviet watches.


The Amtorg Trading Corporation representing the Soviet Union in the United States acquires the assets of the bankrupt Dueber-Hampden Watch Company. The First Moscow Watch Factory is launched.


The First Moscow Watch Factory is evacuated during World War Two and relocated to the city of Zlatoust in Chelyabinsk Oblast, located in the Southern Ural Mountains.


The Molnija Watch Factory is established in the city of Chelyabinsk.


Molnija’s Chelyabinsk Watch Factory begins manufacturing with the production output of its first aviation watch, the AVR-M.


Molnija’s Chelyabinsk Watch Factory annually produces about 30 thousand specialized watches and more than 1 million pocket watches.


An applied computer engineering research laboratory is set up at Molnija’s Chelyabinsk Factory to develop quality control devices for watches. AWS-1 begins to be mass-produced.

Late 1960s and early 1970s

Molnija’s Chelyabinsk Watch Factory exports watches to over 30 countries worldwide.


A new type of invar alloy is developed at the Molnija Factory for quartz crystal tuning-fork watches, increasing the maximum movement accuracy to 30 seconds per year


The small aviation watch CHAM-756 begins to be mass-produced. The Molnija Chelyabinsk Watch Factory receives an Award for Commercial Prestige in Austria and also receives the prestigious Golden Arch Award in Mexico.


Molnija receives a Diamond Star Award in Spain.


Molnija receives a Golden Eagle Award in France.


Molnija is awarded a Prize for Technology in Switzerland.


The factory’s technical equipment is modernised.

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Production gets underway for new collections of wrist watches and table clocks with a skeleton movement.

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