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Introducing the remarkable classic collection of men's wristwatches, "Akinak," paying homage to the rich heritage of the ancient Scythians.

The Akinak sword holds a storied history, spanning epochs from the Bronze Age to the dawn of the Iron Age. This ancient blade was the weapon of choice for the indomitable Scythians, widely regarded as the probable genetic ancestors of the ancient Rus, according to recent authoritative scientific studies.

Unyielding to Persian, Greek, or Roman conquest, the Scythians were renowned warlike nomads who imparted the art of ironmaking upon the peoples of ancient Europe, as chronicled by ancient Greek sources.

Forged by skilled Scythian blacksmiths from iron, the Akinak was wielded in close combat. Among nobility and kings, Akinaks adorned with gold inlay served as both ornamentation and symbols of status.

Today, genuine Akinak swords from ancient burial mounds are meticulously preserved in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin.

The Akinak, originating from the ancient Greek term "ἀκινάκης" (7th - 3rd centuries BC), is a short sword typically measuring 40-60 cm in length. Characterized by a blade and handle as a single piece, with separate guard and pommel elements forged together using ancient techniques.

Our new collection of classic men's wristwatches from the brand "Molniya" pays homage to this legendary weapon, embodying its essence in original design elements. The hour and minute hands emulate the distinctive appearance of the Scythian combat sword, while the textured guilloche in the center of the dial, resembling diverging rays, symbolizes prosperity and status.

In addition to classic black and white hues, our collection features rich, natural tones such as deep blue (cosmos) and sandy tones with a noble sheen, encapsulating the essence of the Akinak legacy.





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