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18 May 2020

How many rocks are there in Calibre 3603?

Once upon a time gemstones were used for this purpose and their quantity directly affected the price and status of the product, so the number of stones was necessarily indicated on the case.
Now gemstones are made of synthetic rubies and this has a beneficial effect not only on the price of the movement, but also on its reliability.

In modern Calibre 3603 there are 18 stones.
1 stone under the bridge,
2 - under the intermediate wheel (bridge and board), also 2 - under the second wheel,
4 - under the anchor tribune (2 through and 2 waybills),
2 through stones +2 pallets on the anchor fork,
2 through and 2 waybills on the balance axis,
1 impulse stone (elipse) in a double roller.

Сколько камней в Калибре 3603?






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